Welcome to my blog! My name is Taylor and I’m really excited you stopped by! This blog is all about lifestyle, beauty, simple minimalist fashion, and travel and favorite places I’ve been or hope to visit.

A little about me… I am currently living in California getting ready to finish my degree in Psychology. Yay college! ? I love learning about the brain and find it incredibly interesting how we function and connect with the world and others around us. I live with Alex, my boyfriend of 4 years and I consider myself an incredibly lucky woman! He is my biggest fan and best friend and I’ve been able to accomplish so many things in life with the support and love that he gives me everyday!

It is a very exciting time in our life as we are moving out of the state and traveling across the country at the end of the year to visit and live in the rest of the world! I love to travel but with college and living in a very expensive state, that has been put on the back burner.  I have loved California, and coming from the bay area I feel I have seen one of the most beautiful places in the state, but I am really excited for future adventures!

Follow along with me through the adventures of  exploring the world and all it has to offer through life, travel, and most importantly, how to do it all with the budget of a 21 year old!

Taylor ?