A List Of The Best Hikes I’ve Been On

Over the years, I have experienced some wonderful hiking. I started really getting in to hiking about 5 years ago, which is crazy to think about. I have such a love for going out and hiking that I figured I would put together a chronological list of my top 5 favorite hikes that I have done thus far. Of course I still have so much more to see and let me know if you would like to see a wishlist of my future hiking destinations. Ok, let’s get started.

Number 5: Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park

About 2 months ago a friend took both Alex and I on this hike and it was so beautiful. Since I have started hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, I have become more and more accustomed to hiking above tree line which is crazy. I love the feeling of being surrounded by mountains and RMNP is the place to do it.

Another plus about now living in Colorado is that my endurance for hiking lengths has increased tremendously! It’s amazing how I see a hike such as Sky Pond, being 9 miles, as a typical day hike. Gotta love it!

Number 4: Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park

Number 4 on the list has got to be in Yosemite. I went to Yosemite for the first time in 2014 and I’m pretty sure thats when I knew I loved the mountains. When we went it was unfortunately in the peak of the drought, however there was still some water flowing from the falls.

Vernal Falls is a great 6.7 mile hike up the mountain and eventually alongside the waterfall. The rainbows that were being created as we were hiking were incredible. It was a sight I will never forget.

Number 3: Marin Headlands

Next on my list has to be Marin Headlands, across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California. Growing up along the coast, I honestly cannot believe I waited so long to go on such an incredible hike. Alex and I spent the day driving up to San Francisco and explored various trails in this area. I’m a sucker for a coastal view and this one was one to remember!

Number 2: Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park

I literally felt like I was on another planet while in Arches National Park. Just last month, a group of friends and I traveled down to Moab to experience Arches. Being my first time and only seeing tan sand from a beach, I was blown away. The sand was so soft, and the arches and fins were something that looked out of this world. I only had one day to spend in the whole park, so I didn’t hike all of Devil’s Garden. However, what I did see was incredible! This hike is about 8 miles and there are about 7-12 arches to see along the way! I definitely recommend this as a trip if you have never seen red rocks before!

Number 1: Soberane’s/ Garrapata State Park

Number 1 on my list is my number 1 for many reasons. Firstly, this hike is in my hometown. Secondly, I have many fond memories with Alex here as we hiked it a lot when we first met. And lastly, since I have moved there has been a forest fire and lots of the hike may no longer look like how it did, so I cherish all the memories. Garrapata State Park is just beautiful. I love forest’s mixed with rocky beaches. I grew up in this area and this hike just reminds me of home which I love!

What are your favorite hikes? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. RAM
    December 20, 2017 / 10:21 pm

    Beautiful collection of photos displaying some amazing places to see and hike.

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