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It’s totally appropriate to say that I love skincare. I frequently use face masks, indulge myself in the research of DIY’s, and love trying new products. Basically any excuse to take a moment and pamper myself is a win in my book.

I think my partial obsession with skincare comes from the fact that it has a huge impact on my life. Skincare plays such a huge role in how I (and probably most) feel and act throughout the day. If I am taking care of my skin, I will feel more productive and generally more happy. When my skin is on a downhill, and I haven’t taken time to nourish it, I feel blah and therefore less productive. Today, I wanted to share some of my recent favorites in skincare, some of which you may know about and some in which you may not!


Recently, I have discovered dry brushing and the benefits of doing so. Dry brushing is great to add into your whole body skincare. Dry brushing is basically brushing your skin in motions towards your heart all throughout your body. Dry brushing has so many benefits including: exfoliating the skin, cleaning out pores, stimulating lymphatic flow, help reduce cellulite, and increases circulation. Because of this, it is great to dry brush in the morning before a shower, which is what I typically do. I really like this one with a long brush because I can get my whole body!


I have been a fan of the purity face wash for a long time! I like how gentle this face wash is and how well it works on my skin type. Washing my face every night is something that helps me feel clean and refreshed every night before bed. Although I still get the occasional break-outs, I know that it is not caused from not cleansing. Finding a good face wash takes a lot of trial-and-error, however once you find it, it can be life-changing.


I love the idea of using a Konjac sponge to wash my face! What is nice about these sponges is that they come from the root of the Konjac, or elephant yam, which is native to Asia. They are completely natural, which I love. A Konjac sponge is like a dry brush for your face. It is exfoliating, but not so intense like the dry brush. Every time I use the sponge my face feels soft and exfoliating. Who wouldn’t love that?


This stuff is my holy grail for breakouts. About 5 months ago I was looking for natural methods for breakouts – to say the least, I was sick of the chemical products. I stumbled upon tea tree oil as a method that could work and it does!! Because tea tree oil is so concentrated I only need a little bit to do the trick. I just blot a little bit onto my blemish and by morning the swelling is usually gone! Love it!


I think that lip care is such an important part of skincare! Exfoliating your lips is so important and following up with a thick balm or salve really locks in the moisture. I have been loving the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This stuff is great for both the evenings and the daytime. It is not too thick, yet thick enough so that you feel your lips are nourished. I highly recommend.

What are some of your recent skincare favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Angela Manuian-Cronin
    November 22, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    All those products look like they would help face and body… Must visit Nordstroms.. I must be old school, my favorites are Olay face wipes for makeup removal, L’oreal Eye brow pencil and brush, Makeup Bareminrals… Bath Dove Wash.. But my age should take better care… Thanks Taylor for the suggestion to better care.. Angela!!!

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