Goodbye October, Hello November!

Hi there! We are in November guys! I want to start a monthly series where I recap the previous months and share 2 goals I have for the upcoming month. I tend to lose sight of what I have planned for myself and I think this will be a good kick up the butt!

October went oddly fast for me! It was kinda one of those months were I feel like a lot of stuff has happened but yet it all seemed to blur. Here are 5 highlights from the month of October.

5 Highlights from October

1: I have progressed in staying consistent- In my New Years Goals post, I stated that I really wanted to maintain consistency in really all areas of my life. This month I have made huge steps to creating a solid schedule and sticking to it feels so good!

2: I am totally addicted to Game of Thrones and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, you need to. I started watching the whole show from the beginning consistently when season 7 came out and now I am on season 6. Almost there!

3: I have literally spent so much time looking for a new pair of high quality jeans, any recommendations? This could potentially take me months!

4: This month marked my first real experience living in an area where there is Fall. I can easily say I love this season. It totally sets the mood for the upcoming holidays. I love it!

5: I fell in love with Demi Lovato’s Documentary Simply Complicated on Youtube. Sooo good!

2 Goals for Novemeber

1: Focus on my physical health. Last month I unfortunately had a recurring health issue come back up. I need to focus on getting myself back to normal.

2: Curate some playlists of music. I pay for Apple Music and I love that I can add any song I want at anytime. This month I want to get some playlists for exercise, focusing, and easy going morning music.

Let’s have a great month!

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