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Other Bodysuits I’m Obsessed With

I think I might be a little late on the bodysuit trend but I have finally made my way around and I love them!

Every Saturday Alex and I usually have the day off together and we try to find fun things to do. We ended up taking a drive to Fort Collins and checking out what they have there. I don’t get to dress up too much for my day job so it is always fun to experiment with my fashion on the weekends and on dates!

I decided to wear this bodysuit (similar), my first pair of high waisted shorts!! (similar), and my Sperry slip-on’s which I adore because they go with everything! One thing that I love about bodysuits is that they create such a slimming look to your outfit. When paired with high waisted jeans or shorts, it elongates your legs, and the jeans or pants lay right at your waist instead of your hips. Above I have linked some other bodysuits that I think are great additions to a collection. I particularly love the ones with color!

Also, as an additional side-note. I have to give Alex a shout out because he took all of these photos and I think we finally got a great system down! I have him stand in front of the camera, I adjust all of the settings while he is in the frame and then we switch. This makes it so easy for him because he can just snap away and he doesn’t have to fiddle around with the settings that he doesn’t know too much about!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

What is a fashion trend that you guys love? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Angela Manuian-Cronin
    August 4, 2017 / 5:34 am

    Well, nothing tight for me Taylor.. You young girls look great in you tight clothes, but not for the older gals… Shorts, and I mean short is not for the older gal.. I am for the knee shorts, and no tank tops, older gals should not show those lose and fat arms.. I feel that covering the unattractive part of your age makes you more attractive.. I admire you young girls to show how attractive you are now because the day will come when your attire will change.. Angela!!!

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