My 5 Struggles with Blogging + Blog Relaunch

I started this blog about 1 year ago. After recently getting an email to re-renew, it hit me how complex and extensive blogging can be and how I have slacked greatly.

Before re-renewing, I sat down and thought about if this is something I really wanted to do (something I should have done before I started). As I am writing this post, I’m realizing how good it feels to be back in it. I thought no better way to make my way back into blogging than to talk about my struggles. I am considering this to be my blog relaunch and am really excited to get into this with full energy and effort.

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about my struggles that I have with blogging, where I am at in life, and what my current schedule and plan looks like so I can make blogging successful.   This post may seem like a bunch of excuses, however, my goal for this post is to let others know that these feelings and thoughts about blogging are completely normal and it is a constant growing process. So here are my 5 struggles with blogging.

1- Staying Consistent

Of all my New Years Goals, this is the one that I have lacked in doing. I think I had an unrealistic expectation that I could be consistent when I was getting ready to move, going to school, and trying to work on my physical and mental health. I am at a much more consistent part in my life now, which I think is necessary for a consistent blogging life.

2- Creating a schedule that works for me

The amount of videos and blog posts that I have read about organizing your life, planning your life, and creating a content calendar is ridiculous. I have tried at least 10 different styles of organization and am still trying to find one that works. This is really the first time in my life that I have had to create my own schedule. Going to school, everything was assigned to me and classes were determined by others. Although I love creating my own schedule, it is a new concept for me.  I’m working on getting a post up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think 3 times a week is about as much as I can do with the time I currently have. I also do not want to overwork myself.

3- Finding Time

Simply put, I wish I could work on my blog more often. Currently, I have a full-time job and work on my blog during my free-time. Sometimes it feels as though there are not enough hours in the day or week and I can’t focus on blogging as much as I’d like. For example, I am a morning person and having to find time to work on my blog around 6 o’clock PM when I get home from work is not easy. All I can think about is Netflix and relaxation. However, just about everyone who starts a blog goes through this step. A major goal of mine is to be able to spend more time on my blog.

4- Will people enjoy my content and is it worth it?

This question is a result of comparing myself to others in the blogging community. One thing that I have come to realize is that I am by no means on the same level as bloggers who do this full-time as a career. I think the most important thing is to be myself and stay consistent. As long as I can maintain those two things, I will be happy within myself and what I will have done. The most important thing is that I do the best I can. Better to try and fail, than to not try at all.

5- Staying active on social media

I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at social media. Facebook and Snapchat are hard for me to get into. However, I do have a Twitter and Instagram. Although I like them, I need to work on posting regularly and interacting with others in the community. Blogging is much more than just writing content. Engaging with others is not only fun but necessary in order to create an online presence.

My Current Goal and Plan

Here is the exciting part, the action plan.  As I mentioned earlier, I plan on posting 3 times a week, Monday (today), Wednesday, and Friday. The content will be lifestyle related, with posts on fashion, beauty, self-growth, home decor, etc. I hope you stay tuned and make sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter. I would love to create a community of engaged and awesome other creatives.

After going through all the struggles, it helps me realize what I need to work on as a blogger. I hope this information is helpful to you as well and makes you feel less alone in your struggles.

What do you struggle with in the blogging community?

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  1. October 11, 2017 / 3:28 pm

    Really enjoyed this post, Taylor. I’ve recently gotten back to my blog. I’ve abandoned social media completely because it was doing a lot more harm than good for my mental health and I’m trying to now gain a following and audience without using social media. Some things I’ve tried that seem to work are Bloglovin’ and Pinterest. Those are the two I’ve been focusing on. I have no idea if anyone will read what I’m writing if I’m not promoting it on and eganaging with people on social media. I’m also submitting to certain online publications and looking for opportunities to guest post. We’ll see!

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