New Years Goals 2017!

It’s that time of the year for New Year’s Resolutions, or what I like to call New Year’s Goals. Can you believe it is almost 2017?! This last year was such an interesting year for me as I learned so much about myself and what I want to do with my life. 2016 was definitely my year of learning and am so excited for 2017. This year is going to be a biggie. I am going to be finishing school finally, moving across the country with the best guy in the world, and biggest of all, promoting my blog and brand. With all the learning that I did this last year, I have accumulated 10 new year’s goals for myself in 2017.

1. Become more self-sufficient

It really is just simply that. This is a major goal of mine as I tend to find myself relying on Alex for things that I can definitely do on my own. “Hey, can you get me some water?”, and “Hey Alex, I’m hungry” have all been overused and abused. It’s great to have a partner to rely on and have help out, but don’t let yourself that it too far.. ahh, such an embarrassing one.

2. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

In all forms of my life, really. I really need to step up my game when it comes to being consistent. I have all these great ideas and plans and organize this and schedule that, and then I never get anything done because all I have been doing is organizing and scheduling how to be consistent. Does this sound like any of you? I have successfully created schedule, now I need to stick to it. Good things come to those who are consistent.

3. Stay Active

I recently quit my gym membership (once I get on a foolproof method of exercising I will write a post about why). I got some weights for my house and have created a youtube playlist of exercise videos from various different channels. I’m only 22 but if I don’t exercise or at least keep myself moving in some way, I feel it and see it. I love outdoors and nature and will be moving to Colorado in a couple months, so I’m hoping that getting out of the city will spark that outdoorsy person in me.

4. Let go of Perfectionism

This need to be the year of letting go a little bit. I have such high standards for not only myself but things around me and ahhhh it just needs to stop. The world keeps turning and the only person I’m hurting is myself.

5. Experience different areas and people

Moving is a big reason this is a goal of mine. I love to learn about different areas, different people, and different lifestyles. Traveling is something that is a burning passion of mine and meeting new people from all over the world is such a learning experience.

6. Actively work on my stress and anxiety

Time and time again I am told that I am a stressed and anxious person. I have always been this way so I never thought about it but this year especially I have noticed my stress and anxiety affecting my health and happiness. I have learned some meditation techniques, I own a few adult coloring books, and even tried ASMR therapy. Techniques to calm me down and relax by body and mind are always a thumbs up to me.

7. Suck it up and learn to cook

Haha. ahh, I hate cooking. Cooking literally rev’s up my stress and anxiety. Although, I am extremely fortunate to have a great chef in the house (Alex) I really need to learn so I can treat him to a nice meal every once in a while. I need to have him teach me his ways.

8. Knit more intricate pieces

Knitting is one of those crafty activities that I love doing. This year I have discovered that I love art and crafts more than I thought I had in the past. Knitting is so fun, I want to learn for patterns and styles this year for sure. My goal is a sweater by the end of the year and pick up the basics of crocheting. We’ll see..

9. Read more blogs/books/etc.

These last few months have been really fun learning about the blogging community and finding out that there are so many people not only doing this for fun but making a full-time career. It is really inspiring and one of my main goals and reading more blogs, and discovering more in the blogging world. I also really would love to find a few great books this year and successfully read them all the way through.

10. Reduce my waste

This year I discovered something called the Zero Waste Movement. I picked up a book about it at the library and was fascinated to learn about how many products you can easily make at home and how to reuse many of the items that I frequently throw into the garbage. I have become a lot more conscientious about my waste and my goal for next year is to continue to be mindful and strengthen my knowledge on how I can reduce the amount of waste in my life.


What are your New Year’s Goals? Do you have any of the same goals as me this year! Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and talk with you next time.


  1. Angela Manuian-Cronin
    January 5, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Hi, 2016 really gives me some thought.. Naturally the year of a new President.. We will see how that goes? As Taylor said time to clean out old and bring in the new (Year)!!!! I have just done that, 5 bags of that, Ha!!! My favorite Thrift Store is ASPCA, For the love of animals… That is putting money where my heart is… Remember as we get older things shift here and there and the style and size change… Like many of you I love to shop… A little less now than years before… Taylor has mentioned many thing about looking for change in life.. Travel, shopping Thrift, and hobbies. As you look at her blogs, that will give you all the ideas you need!!!! Thanks Taylor!!! Angela Manuian-Cronin : – ))))

    • jim manuian
      April 26, 2017 / 7:38 pm

      Looks great honey

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