Time to Smell Pretty: My Perfume Favorites

Confession time: Perfume is quite a new interest of mine. I would say about a year or two. Ever since I started wearing it, I wear it every time I get ready and it is a part of the routine. How I lived without it, we will never know.

So even though I am fairly new to perfumes and all the different types of scents I have noticed a particular smell that I tend to gravitate towards and love. Rose/floral scents and deep rich sultry smells.

The collection that I currently own I would describe as all having floral smells or that dark rich smell about them.

Starting off with Calvin Klein… I was given a set as a gift with 3 travel sized bottles of endless euphoria, eternity, and euphoria (which sadly is all used up). Euphoria is the most floral out of all of them all. While eternity and endless euphoria have a very light, fresh, clean scent. Love the travel size of these. I would say if you don’t use perfume that often, try and find travel sizes or even gift packages that are sold during holidays. If I could finish a bottle, I know you can.

The Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour perfume I have had for a while now and still loving it. The scent is much much deeper than the Calvin Klein and it has a very sexy, sultry smell to it. I love this one on the days where I’m going out at night. Because of that deep smell it is perfect for date nights.

 Rock N’ Rose Pret-a-Porter  by Valentino is the newest in my collection. This has a similar smell to the Calvin Klein set but a little deeper and richer. It’s a great smell for both day and night so I think I might be finishing this one quickly.

One of my favorite types of perfumes are lotion perfumes. Why are these not more popular? They last so long and light blue Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect scent to have in lotion form. The scent of this perfume is very light, so the lotion makes the scent last much longer than the spray. Plus, Alex has the cologne version of light blue and it pairs beautifully!

What are your favorite perfumes? I’m loving that deep smell, something about Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker is calling my name! Comment below what you think.

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  1. Angela Manuian-Cronina
    October 13, 2016 / 5:03 am

    White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor Perfume, Gold bond healing lotion moisturizer , Yardley Bar skin disorders… Ware the Diamonds on my wrists, and behind my ears… her scent is light… Gold bond very good for dry skin… Yardley helps with skin disorders… I am interested in your skincare products.. When playing Golf I have to leave these scent home, they are loved by Bees and Bugs… They are then a No No!!! Taylor I am truly enjoying your blogs… I have found such good ideas from you.. Now it is Nana getting good tips from her smart Granddaughter.. Love, Angela!!!

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