Thoughts on Turning Negatives into Positives

As I am sitting in a hair salon waiting for my haircut thoughts ponder through my mind.

Living in the Silicon Valley, it is customary to wait for everything. I have found that coming from a small town to a big city with a million people, I miss the small town vibes. As I have one more year in this big city before I finish school and move to wherever in the nation Alex and I  choose (haven’t decided yet), I am working on finding the positives of living in an area that I particularly do not enjoy living in. I have found that this could potentially be a topic that others may be interested in so hence this little off- the- wall post. Starting with the first thought…

Don’t forget about the things you love

Don’t forget about doing what makes you come alive. Personally, I love photography. After moving to the area, I lost touch with it and became unmotivated, uninspired, and less happy in my day-to-day life. I always made the excuse that there was nothing to photograph that I enjoyed here. Totally lame, I know. And not true. Your attitude and personality create the feelings in a photo. Just remember that.

I have done things I would have never done otherwise

This blog is the perfect example of that. A few years ago, I never thought in that I would have a .com website for my own personality to shine through. Due to not wanting to deal with traffic, I stay home much more now. Because of this, I have gained interests in areas I would never have thought I would which is great!

I now search for areas that inspire me, creating a much greater appreciation for that area. 

I put lots of effort into finding a quiet, quaint location and when I do find it, it becomes a big deal and I appreciate it. There is value in learning to live in the moment and I appreciate that I have come to learn this and am grateful for the small things in life.


What are some positives you can get out of living in an area that doesn’t quite fit your likes? I’m curious to hear your opinions on this topic. Just remember, no matter how bad a situation might be there can be something positive to get out of it.

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