5 Benefits to Packing Light for Travel

Hi, Guys! In this post, I want to discuss the benefits of packing light when traveling and how it can make your life less stressful while on vacation!

When I was about 14, I went on a vacation with my family to the Bahamas. Of course, I packed a very large bag. Much more than I needed since I was planning on being in a bathing suit most of the time anyway. I didn’t know what packing light entailed. It was when my luggage got lost that it hit me for the first time. I was stressing over all the stuff I had packed and could potentially loose. Hair tools, makeup, and numerous amounts of clothes. It is now that I am older that I realize, you don’t need it all. Here are five reasons packing light will save your life.

1) Going through airport security will be much easier.

If you are traveling by plane, going through security can be annoying. Especially when you need to take everything out and then rearrange it while being rushed out of line. Save yourself the stress and take only what you need and put the liquid bag on top for easy access.

2) You can have more fun actually doing things and less on getting ready to do those things

More stuff=more distractions. Have fun doing things. Don’t spend half the trip getting ready.

3) It is just less stressful

After losing my bag, I never want to deal with that again. With a carry-on, I know it is safe and I have everything with me.

4) It’s cheaper

I love this one. Who wants to pay more when they don’t need to.

5) You won’t use as much as you think you will

Chances are you will re-wear a few items and you don’t need exactly seven pairs of pants for a seven-day trip.

Even if you insist that you need many different products, I encourage you to at least try other methods. You might be surprised.

How can packing light help your vacation? Let me know in the comments below.

Benefits to Packing Light


  1. July 27, 2016 / 7:06 am

    The amount of times I have stuffed my suitcase with things I dont need or use! its so good to be mindful about what youre packing. It makes everything run so much smoother!

    • taylormanuian
      July 29, 2016 / 12:25 am

      Definitely! Its amazing how much physical stuff can affect us mentally. Thanks for reading!

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