Little Things I Do Everyday to Save Money

Being a college student, money can be tight. These last 4 years I have worked really hard to try and save as much as a can and I’d like to think I know a thing or two about saving some cash. So here are a few tips to help you save that moolah, most of which I think most people know however, I rarely see implemented.

First one is the obvious one…. Coffee

About 4 dollars at Starbucks is it? Alex and I don’t drink it, not because the taste is bad but because coffee is a dessert to us, a treat…. not a pick me up. What I’m about to tell you is actually pretty cool, try an APPLE. I am much more energized after eating an apple in the morning. Yes, an apple. The natural sugar fructose is much better for you anyway.


Trust me when I say, an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away.

Even if you can’t live without the coffee (and trust me I understand ?) consider investing in a Keurig and reusable k-cups. When I found out about the reusable k-cups I thought it was a great way to save money if you are a coffee lover. Buy your coffee in bulk (Costco lover here preaching! haha) and use that up in those reusable cups! Plus, talk about saving the planet too! Go Earth ?

Secondly… you do not need to go out every weekend.

This was/is a hard one for me because I find that I get so bored when I am stuck inside all day. Being a young adult though I have recently had my encounter with those 13 dollar shots at the clubs…. uhhh, no thanks. I’ll be pouring my own drinks from my huge Costco Vodka (ok, the Costco references are getting a little out of hand).

But seriously.. the great thing about this is that it pushes you to try new things that you may not have thought of before, such as this blog ? You never know what you might take up, knitting, content creating, awesome DIY-er (if that phrase works?) , amazing chef…. the possibilities are endless.

Make your own meals!

Man, I cannot stress this one enough. Food is so expensive, am I right? Making your own food will cut the cost significantly!

For example, I can get a foot long subway for about 6 dollars about. No drink, no chips.
At home I can make my own for half… maybe less… the price.

Here we go with the breakdown….

  • sandwich bread out of bread I own
  • sandwich meat which costs about 1-2 dollars for 1/4 of a pound, (if you buy the good stuff)
  • water from a Brita (free)
  • big bag of chips costing between 3-4 dollars or a HUGE bag of chips from Costco for about 6 (which is what I do, of course what else would you expect?!)
  • and all the rest for definitely less than 3 dollars

Right there, I have a full meal. Sandwich, chips, and drink for much less than conveniently picking one up at subway. Not to say don’t ever go to Subway, just mix it up a little. You will be surprised at the money that is saved!

As a disclaimer here, I didn’t start taking these steps right away. This mentality took a while to get into my stubborn head but with the right vision or goal in mind this is completely doable and effective.

Let me know what you do to save money in the comments below! Always looking for other ways to save the bucks!

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